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  1. On the occasion of the International Day of Food Safety, which took place on June 7, the Government Commissariat for Quality, Safety and Food Fraud organized, in collaboration with the Ministry for Consumer Protection, a conference on official controls in the food chain.

  2. Consumer Dialogue 2022: Develop with us The Ministry of Consumer Protection is organising, in collaboration with the European Commission, a Consumer

  3. A control of payment service providers, organized by the Ministry for Consumer Protection, showed that the branches established in Luxembourg operate in compliance with the Consumption Code. However, the Ministry draws the attention of consumers that significant costs are linked to these operations.

  4. On the occasion of the Spring Break, the Ministry for Consumer Protection draws the attention to the fact that exhibitors must display the price of products and services in euros, all taxes included, on the product itself or in the immediate vicinity, visible and readable by consumers.

  5. The Ministry for Consumer Protection is organising, together with Caritas Luxembourg as part of their project for sustainable textiles, a round table discussion.

  6. More than 1,000 responses in 3 days, the survey that the Ministry for Consumer Protection has launched in mid-February has aroused the interest of consumers. The ministry wishes, in a second phase, to explore the issues raised in greater depth and is counting on interested parties to participate in the discussion groups which are organized from mid-March.

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