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  1. As of July 5, the Ministry for Consumer Protection is launching an information campaign on Nutri-Score, the logo that can be found on the packaging of processed products and which provides information on the nutritional quality of the food product.

  2. In order to enable Luxembourg companies to use the Nutri-Score logo correctly and in good time, the Ministry of Consumer Protection is organizing, in collaboration with the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce, an information session.

  3. On the occasion of the annual World Consumer Day, the Ministry of Consumer Protection emphasizes that it remains important to get involved in consumer rights. With the new consumer agenda in particular, the European Commission wants to empower consumers and actively involve them in the green and digital transition.

  4. The ministry for Consumer protection has published its annual report 2020.

  5. The relevant authorities of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland announce the establishment of a transnational coordination mechanism to facilitate the use of the front-of-pack nutrition label Nutri-Score. This cooperation will take place within a Steering committee and a Scientific committee.

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