New guide for the retailer - Matenee Vertraue Gewannen.

The Ministry for Consumer Protection has published a guide dedicated specifically to retailers. It explains, theme by theme, avoiding purely legal language, the obligations of professionals as specified in the Code of Consumption. Available in 3 languages, the guide can also be consulted on the ministry's website.

©MPC Guide fir de Professionellen, Fiche Indication des prix

The Code of Consumption clearly describes the obligations of professionals towards consumers, whether in terms of information, price indication, guarantees or commercial practices. The aim is to put consumers on an equal footing with traders and to foster mutual trust.

Professionals are well aware of these obligations and most of them apply them correctly and completely. To make it easier for them, the Ministry for Consumer Protection (MPC) has just published a guide that sets out, theme by theme, the specifications of the Code of Consumption, avoiding legal or overly technical language. Under the premise "Matenee Vertraue Gewannenn", the purpose of this guide is to strengthen the collaboration between the MPC and the retailers, but above all to support the latter in the proper execution of the obligations that their profession implies.

The guide currently consists of 11 thematic sheets, available in French, German and English; additional files will be added regularly. It is available on request from the MPC (mail The files can be downloaded from the Ministry's website ( ), where it is also possible to subscribe to updates of existing files and new publications.

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