Transnational Coordination Mechanism

Nutri-Score in Europe

Several European countries have set up the necessary regulatory provisions to apply the Nutri-Score system to food products on their markets, with other countries in the process of doing so.

To ensure the efficient implementation of the system, a transnational coordination body has been set up for those countries. It is composed of:

  • A steering committee
    The steering committee consists of representatives from the various member countries. Its role is to oversee the operations and ensure the consistent application of the Nutri-Score system.
  • A scientific committee
    The scientific committee consists of scientific experts from the various member countries. The committee’s representatives hold the necessary qualifications and expertise to oversee the implementation of the system.

The objectives of this transnational coordination body are:

  • to provide support to companies when implementing the Nutri-Score and
  • to provide scientific support for application of the system.

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